Saturday, 8 December 2007

Hull monitoring location online

As of 2pm (UTC) Thursday 6th December our new monitoring location in Hull provided by intrahost is online.

In early November our isp located in Fareham gave us notice that they were going to move their facilities to Reading by the end of November. This would have required an ip address change and also meant we would have facilities in Reading and Slough.

To ensure our continued geographic diversity we decided to install servers in Hull rather than use the facilities in Reading. Intrahost were able to quickly provide us with a cost effective facility in which to host our servers. The servers went live on Thursday 6th December one day before we had to terminate our servers in Fareham.

Customers should note that if they have configured firewalls or other hardware of software using our ip addresses they will need to remove the Fareham servers and add the Hull servers. Customer may also wish to modify their monitoring configuration if their own services are hosted in Hull to ensure continued accurate monitoring.


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