Wednesday, 16 July 2008

American Express Payments

We now accept American Express payments in USD.

Previously we could only accept such payments in GBP which caused some problems for customers located in the USA.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Rolling 12 Month Availability Report

We have added a new report to the control panel. The new report shows a rolling 12 month period availability report for all your monitors. The data is updated each day and the information provided can be easily cut and pasted into spreadsheets such as Excel to create management reports.

(For excel simply highlight the text of the report, use cut, then in excel use paste special and select the text option).

HTTP Redirection

We have increased the number of redirects our monitoring system will follow when monitoring a web site. Previously our monitoring software would only visit a page and follow one redirection. It seems to be increasingly common practice to use multiple redirects and we have therefore upgraded our software to allow our monitor to follow up to ten redirects when monitoring a web page.

HTTP Authentication

May 2008

We now support Digest and NTLM authentication methods in addition to BASIC authentication. If you want to monitor a password protected web page using any of these methods all you have to do is enter a suitable username and password in the monitor configuration and our monitors will automatically login, read the web page and optionally check the content.

Asia & Australia monitoring locations online

April 2008

We are pleased to announce an extension to our monitoring network.

A number of customers have asked us if we could have a presence in Asia. We have responded to those requests by adding monitoring points in the following locations.

Singapore (Asia)
Brisbane (Australia)
Hong Kong (Asia)
Tokyo (Asia)
Perth (Australia)

If you would like to make use of our new Asia/Australia monitoring network please get in touch with support and we will enable the new locations on your control panel.

You can choose from one of three monitoring locations when configuring a monitor.

UK - Stratford, Manchester, Nottingham, Slough, Hull
USA/Canada - St. Louis, Freemont, Fort Lauderdale, Long Island, Montreal
Asia/Australia - Singapore, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Perth

We are planning to implement additional monitoring points in mainland Europe later this year and then to provide a 'worldwide' monitoring option which will monitor your servers from a selection of our existing monitoring locations.