Thursday, 19 February 2009

Monitor Servers Moved

We use a number of monitoring locations to monitor your internet services. We have been having regular network reliability issues with one of our monitoring locations for some time and despite a lot of effort on our part with the ISP involved we have not managed to reach service levels that meet our requirements and recently things have if anything taken a turn for the worse.

Although a problem with one monitoring location will not affect the reliability of our service we have reluctantly decided that we must act to ensure the reliability and integrity of our monitoring network as a whole going forward.

Our servers based in Nottingham have therefore been moved to Derby.

For the majority of customers there is nothing that you need to do. If however you have configured firewalls or other hardware or software to allow us to monitor your services you will need to amend the ip addresses allowed access.

Details of all current ip addresses can be found in the control panel under the Network Status tab.