Wednesday, 11 March 2009

ippatrol registered trademark

Whilst browsing the internet recently we noticed that one of our competitors is breaking UK law and google advertising rules by using our registered trademark ippatrol in the text of its adverts.

Stop Wondering - Start Monitoring!
Unlimited Users + Instant Alerts.

24/7 Ippatrol
Free Trail Ippatrol.
Start Ippatrol Now!

Global Ippatrol. Start
Ippatrol In 5 Minutes!

(Pity they can't spell trial in the 2nd advert)

We have asked them to cease and desist with this practice but they don't appear to be taking much notice.

We have therefore requested that google cancel all such adverts containing our registered trademark in the advert text and will be watching for any further violation of our trademark by competitors with a view to bringing legal action.

Its good to know that the ippatrol brand is getting such attention and our competitors feels its worth risking legal action to compete with us.

We would like to remind everyone that ippatrol is a registered trademark and should not be used in this way.