Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Secure Certificate Testing

Our secure certificate testing can now check SAN (Subject Alternative Name) certificates otherwise known as Multi Domain SSL certificates. These are certificates which allow you to list a number of domains which the certificate is valid for and are commonly used to host multiple secure sites on one ip address.

If you use SAN certificates and have previously disabled the common name check in the monitor configuration this can now be enabled.

New API's released

The new api's have now been formally documented and released and allow you to modify the number of an sms contact remotely and stop/start a monitor remotely.

If you use an on call rota and frequently need to change the sms contact you can now do it via a simple link on a web page or in a script hosted on your server without having to logon to the control panel.

Similarly if you have a backup or housekeeping job and want to stop a monitor whilst it runs and restart it afterwards you can now do this remotely. When you stop the monitor you can optionally specify how long it should be suspended for and it will automatically restart after the period specified.

The new API's are documented in the documentation section of the control panel.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Improved Form Monitoring

ipPatrol web site monitoring has been able to post data to forms for a while.

It now has the capability to read hidden fields in your form and pass these as part of the 'keyed in' form data making it easy to monitor .net applications that rely on hidden form field session data.

All you need to do is fill in the new 'action' and form 'name' fields in the monitor configuration and the monitor will automatically capture any hidden fields and pass them with the form data you specify.

Combined Payments

We have made paying for your monitoring and sms easier!

You can now pay for monitoring and sms at the same, thus you only need to make one payment and only receive one invoice.

Sorry its been a long time coming but we had to interface it with our back end accounts system.