Wednesday, 25 November 2009

New monitoring features

We have released a number of new monitoring features today.

You can now monitor secure smtp and pop servers. To use this new feature simply tick the appropriate boxes in the monitor configuration and update the port numbers where required.

You can now monitor that both your inbound and outbound mail is working with our round trip mail monitor. This new feature not only means that we can check your smtp server is responding but that it is accepting mail and sending mail.

To use the new feature simply complete the address to send our test emails to and set a timeout for their return to us in the SMTP monitor configuration. You then need to follow the instructions given to set up the return leg of the round trip by forwarding the mail back to our monitoring servers.

Full details on how to configure roundtrip mail monitoring can be found in the documentation section of the control panel.

Using the new round trip feature means we will not only detect when your smtp server has stopped responding but we can also detect when your mail has stopped being processed or there are delays in your mail queues.