Monday, 28 November 2011

More control of monitor sensitivity

We have added a new monitor sensitvity option.

Now you can configure how sensitive our monitoring is when detecting issues.

Previously the only control available was a double knock feature which caused the system to double check any error one minute later before delaring a service as down.

We now have 3 sensitivity opitions:-

High - If the majority of monitoring servers (2 out of 3) detect an issue the service is declared down.

Normal - All 3 monitoring servers have to detact an issue before the service is declared as down.

Low - All 3 monitoring servers have to detact an issue and a second visit (double knock) is performed a minute later to confirm the issue before the service is declared as down.

Improved SMS Delivery

We have recently improved our ability to deliver SMS messages to the USA.

It's always been difficult to get full coverage to USA networks and coverage can suddenly fail due to the networks removing access due to other parties sending unsolcited messages via the same routes.

We now have our own unique sender id for the USA which is fully compliant with the messaging networks requirements.

This means we now have full access to USA networks and that there should be no issues with delivery in the future.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Unique sender address for email 2 sms

A number of customers use email to sms gateways to receive alerts. Unfortunately many of these use the sender address to either route or charge their customers account. If more than one of our customers has an account with them this can lead to sms messages being lost and/or the wrong account being charged.

The easy answer would be for the gateways to charge/route based on the receipient address rather than the sender or to allow a unique identifier in the subject or body of the message as some gateways do rather than working on the assumption that no 2 customers will ever have messages sent from the same address.

We have just updated our systems to deal with the issue regardless of who your gateway is.

Email to SMS contacts now have an extra option 'unique sender address'. Enable this and you will be given a unique address to add to your gateway as a valid sender and all messages sent to that contact will be sent from the unique address instead of our standard one.

Your messages will then be charged and routed via the correct account at the gateway.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

BETA Trial - Roundtrip Mail Monitoring with POP3

We are now BETA trialing roundtrip mail monitoring using POP3.

Previously we offered roundtrip mail monitoring where we sent emails to your mail server and you forwarded them back to our monitoring servers. This proves that your inbound and outbound mail queues are working.

A number of customers asked us if it was possible for us to pick up the emails via POP3 rather than them being forwarded back thus proving that the inbound mail system is working and that the pop3 server is working and its possible to retrieve emails.

We have now implemented this feature and any customers wishing to try the new monitoring service should get in touch with support.

Multiple dns records now supported

We have updated our monitoring software to support multiple ip addresses when checking the dns result returned.

For instance has 3 ip addresses for its web server. has address has address has address

So you can now configure the ip address check feature with all three values like so,,

When the site is checked the ip address returned from the dns lookup will be checked to see it is one in the list.

This will help prevent domain hijacking which happens when a domain registrar is hacked and the ip addresses changed to point to another server.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

London Monitoring Servers Moved

Our monitoring servers in London have been moved.

Coreix have successfully migrated our monitoring servers based in their old datacentre at Stratford in London to their new datacentre at Enfield in London.

Our service was not affected during the move as failover monitoring servers automatically replaced the servers whilst they were being moved.

IP addresses remain the same so customer do not need to make any changes.