Tuesday, 20 September 2011

BETA Trial - Roundtrip Mail Monitoring with POP3

We are now BETA trialing roundtrip mail monitoring using POP3.

Previously we offered roundtrip mail monitoring where we sent emails to your mail server and you forwarded them back to our monitoring servers. This proves that your inbound and outbound mail queues are working.

A number of customers asked us if it was possible for us to pick up the emails via POP3 rather than them being forwarded back thus proving that the inbound mail system is working and that the pop3 server is working and its possible to retrieve emails.

We have now implemented this feature and any customers wishing to try the new monitoring service should get in touch with support.

Multiple dns records now supported

We have updated our monitoring software to support multiple ip addresses when checking the dns result returned.

For instance twitter.com has 3 ip addresses for its web server.

twitter.com has address
twitter.com has address
twitter.com has address

So you can now configure the ip address check feature with all three values like so,,

When the site is checked the ip address returned from the dns lookup will be checked to see it is one in the list.

This will help prevent domain hijacking which happens when a domain registrar is hacked and the ip addresses changed to point to another server.