Thursday, 22 November 2012

ip V6 monitoring now available

ipPatrol are please to announce that we can now monitor ip V6 services.

As more companies roll out their ip V6 services it has become essential that they can be monitored. ipPatrol have responded to that demand by updating our monitoring service so that it is dual stacked and can monitor ip V4 or ip V6 web sites and servers.

Our ip V6 monitoring checks every component of your ip V6 service including using ip V6 DNS to lookup your ip address, connecting to your web site or server over ip V6 and receiving roundtrip emails via ipV6.

Currently this service is only available on our mainland Europe monitors.

Our UK network is partically ip V6 ready but we are still waiting for two datacentres to provide ip V6 capability (Kingston Communications and Pulsant).

We are also still waiting for ip V6 provision in the USA/Canada and Australasia with most datacentres unable to give us a date when it will be available.

Friday, 16 November 2012

SIP and VOIP server monitoring

New monitoring features We have added SIP/VOIP server monitoring to our range of services. You can now monitor sip and voip servers Using the new monitor you can check your voip server is working. Optionally you can test authentication by supplying a username and password.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

ftp and sftp monitoring improvements

We have improved our ftp and sftp monitoring by adding an option to upload, download and delete a file.

If you specify a username and password when configuring your ftp/sftp monitor the monitor will automatically logon to your server and then processed to upload a small file, retrieve it and then delete it.

Previously we just used to check that your ftp server responded on the port.

The optional additional tests check all the major features of your ftp server are working.